About Indigo Interiors

You want to love being in your home, but don’t know where to start.

Decorating or doing renovations can be overwhelming without help and you may feel like you’re putting your dream home on hold.  At Indigo, we believe you should love where you live, with a home that feels just right for you, so we created the Indigo Design Process to help guide you on that path.  We know that details matter, which is why after listening to your needs, we design your home with options unique to you and how you live. We expertly layer in color, pattern, and furnishings to express who you are.  Details matter, your home matters, you matter. Let us help make your home uniquely you.

About Us


Heidi Reece

At Indigo Interiors, my job is to take your vision for your space and make it a reality.

Classic, contemporary, comfortable, organized, whatever your goal is, I can help guide you through the process, whether it is a full remodel or simple color consultation. I care passionately about decor, interiors and making things beautiful, wanting your home to delight you. I have lived in Arizona for over 22 years, originally hailing from the Midwest. I have more than 10 years of experience working in the floral industry as a designer and have very high standards for floral accent pieces and decor, creating and using only the most realistic looking botanicals.  I have three wonderful children, an awesome husband and enjoy giving old things a new life. It is not unusual to find me re-designing an entire room in my home simply because I fell in love with a new lamp. I find endless inspiration in airplane rivets, paint chips, and fabric samples, occasionally flying around the US and visiting markets and festivals along the way.


Suzanne Tate

I am here to help busy people like you transform a house into a home. Together, we can make your Pinterest™ dreams come true!

I live in sunny Arizona with my amazing husband of 17 years, two adorable not-so-little kids, and a very fluffy and cuddly dog.  We live in our 7th house…yes, we have moved on average every 2.5 years…and have lived in 4 different states. I can typically be found at soccer tournaments or swim meets, and generally being an Uber™ for my kids.  When I have a few moments to myself, I do my best to lounge poolside, with coffee or wine depending on the time of day!

I have a BA in Architecture Studies from the University of Kansas {Rock Chalk Jayhawk} and have worked in the design field in one form or another since graduating in 2000. I have done commercial, hospitality, medical, senior housing and residential design including investment properties, new construction, and renovations; worked directly with builders and design centers, and staged numerous homes for sale.  I was a licensed realtor in 3 states, helping people buy, sell, and renovate homes. 2017 was a record year for me bringing in 5 design awards!

I do credit most of what I know to my amazing mom, who had her own custom drapery and interior design business as I was growing up.  Because of her, I grew up in design centers, her drapery workroom, and more installs than I can count. I wouldn’t trade the late nights “not being able to sleep” bringing her coffee while she worked, and the memories of getting ice cream together from the corner store after stopping at workrooms, for anything.

Creative to the core, I break all the rules when I see fit. The best spaces are designed over time and reflect those who inhabit them. No space should look like it came from one store but rather an artful combination of styles, patterns, texture, color and most importantly comfort.  Because everybody should love their home.