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If you’ve decided it’s time to move, you’ve got to really put your best foot forward to sell your home for top value.

The time and money spent on staging is certainly a good return on investment. Our home staging services will help you and your Realtor to get your house sold, fast.

Staging Services

Buyers are discerning nowadays and everyone wants a home that has that special something we see on HGTV.

All of their beautiful interiors have one thing in common: a trained eye shaping and molding the process. The time and money spent on staging is always a good return on investment. Let our stagers help you and your Realtor to get your house sold, fast. There are several different home staging options available. Choose the right one that works for you.

One of the problems faced in selling a home is that sometimes the photos don’t look great. The visual space is chopped up because of the placement of a sectional that doesn’t really work for photos and makes the room look smaller. The colors may not be cohesive or the curtains make the windows look tiny. Maybe buyers don’t notice the stunning fireplace because of the placement of the television. Lots of people can’t envision what to do with a particular room, they only see your belongings. Therefore, It makes it feel like they’re a stranger in your home and they aren’t able to picture themselves living in it.

Staging consultations last 2 hours and are priced at $500 for the visit and report.  This option is for consultation and report only, work to be completed by homeowner.

Pricing for staging varies based on home occupancy and needs.  A vacant property that needs full, whole home staging would be priced higher than a home the seller is still living in.  Pricing depends on how much decor, furnishings, accessories and time is needed of the stager. An a la carte option is available if appropriate to supplement items already existing in home.

Minimum price for staging services completed by our team is starting at $1900 for occupied staging and $3500 for vacant staging jobs which includes delivery and removal of staging props used in home.

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