Wallpaper is Back, Baby!

Wallpaper is back, baby! The newest offerings are full of texture, personality, shimmer and are real works of art. One of my favorite manufacturers of wallcoverings is the Maya Romanoff company. Their wall coverings are so unique; they have competitors trying to duplicate their beautiful handmade materials but they don’t even come close. Wood veneer, mother of pearl, glass beading, fabric (for the lover of everything cozy) and even the tried and true grass cloth offerings are making our walls more tactile and more hands-on. Please touch and admire the beautiful walls. They are rightfully getting the attention they’ve deserved, no longer room dividers but now a placeholder of beauty and lusciousness.

Maya Romanoff wall coverings have the most exquisite detailing and are a wonderful, timeless investment for your home that you’ll love for years. Wallpaper can be a subtle, neutral color and the texture and pattern add a special something that really ups the ambiance in a room.  They also lend themselves to use in ways we wouldn’t normally think about; look at how it jazzes up a ceiling!

After seeing a demonstration at a design store of how this beautiful Maya Romanoff wallpaper is made I became obsessed and realized I HAD to figure out how to add this beautiful element to my own home.  I came home all inspired and Chris got that deer in the headlights look like ‘what’s she gotten us into now?’ Wall coverings like these become a focal point, like an accent wall or architectural interest.

Wallpaper can also be a magnificent, vibrant pattern that jazzes up your space and demands simple, quiet furnishings.  Manufacturers are now offering removable wallpaper that doesn’t require scraping, gluing and expensive installation.

Great options for those of us who love EVERYTHING and don’t want to commit to one paper for the rest of our lives.  No excuse exists anymore to not make your home as beautiful and personalized as you’d like, us non-monogamous serial decor daters can transform our room in an afternoon and change out when we want to play the field some more. The possibilities are both beautiful and limitless.

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